The Sears Saga So Far

A recently closed Sears store at Ridgedale Mall, Minnetonka, MN.

I wanted to write a post that shared all of the posts I’ve written so far about the downfall of Sears and KMart. Long story short, Sears is not crumbling because of Amazon, but because of one man, Eddie Lampert the former CEO, and his decisions which put the company in bankruptcy and at the edge of liquidation.

I’m planning on writing something about Sears and how Lampert has to deal with the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and their fear that Lampert will leave many employees with no pensions. He has also managed to become an issue in the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Below are the stories so far:

Why Amazon Should Buy Sears (January 2019)

Can Sears and Kmart Come Back from the (Near) Dead? (October 2018)

Death Without Dignity: The End of Kmart (April 2017)