Eat the Rich!

With all the talk about raising taxes on the rich, there is this poll from Fox News that says that even a fair amount of Republicans support raising taxes on the rich. Jerry Taylor of the Niskanen Center talks about how to connect this belief with the GOP establishment, which according to the Washington Post story on this, is only interested in listening to more economically conservative lobbyists that want tax cuts.

I'm a bit skeptical about this. If the base was wanting taxes on the rich, for some reason, I'd think we would hear more from the base demanding it.

I tend to think taxes should be raised especially on the rich, but if we are going to fund things like health care and other government programs, you are going to have to widen the tax base. Simply taxing the super-rich isn't enough. I would rather support something closer to how people are taxed in Scandinavian countries where the taxes are high, but also somewhat flatter and more broad.